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It’s All About The Scene / Improv from an Acting Perspective

with Sarah Ashley (BFA Theater Performance, Univ. of Michigan; Scene Work Teacher at The Annoyance Theater)

It’s All About The Scene
Improv is nothing without solid scene work. Scene work is nothing without emotionally-driven characters. Sarah Ashley helps students boldly initiate scenes, stick with character choices and heighten moments organically to build funny and poignant scenes.

Improv from an Acting Perspective
In this workshop participants learn to approach improv scenes as actors would scenes in a play. Sarah leads the group through exercises that focus on emotional impact, raising the stakes and acting truthfully, all while heightening their sense of play and comedic timing.
“Sarah Ashley was great. She is friendly, interesting, accepting, caring, fun, energetic, creative etc etc etc. Her group Super Human is fantastic and her lessons really came alive after I watched her perform. What a wonderful, talented and supportive person! Thank you Sarah Ashley!!!“
- Annoyance Student

Set Bitch Free

with Devin Bockrath (Annoyance, iO)

“Set Bitch Free” is a workshop and tribal event for lady identifying improvisers of any experience level hosted by Devin Bockrath. With a focus on technique, character development, risk taking, and the power of support, this class aims to shake vulnerabilities loose, test personal limits and set fire to the rain, duh, #Adele. If you are frustrated, fierce, fearful, fearless, or fun this one’s for you Qwaaan.

Character Extravaganza

with Christina Boucher (iO, Annoyance)

Expand your character range with this workshop focused on establishing characters with a strong, committed point of view. Develop tools to help you break through fear and create realistic characters from a fun and truthful place.

Follow the Fun!

with Katie Klein (Washington improv theater, iO, Second City e.t.c resident stage)

Discover the simple joy of yes and while being inspired by your scene partners and discovering what can happen when you follow the fun! With a focus on giving gifts, transformation edits and group work we will find that fun and see where it takes us!
"Katie is a sharp, thoughtful and warm improv teacher. Katie presents her notes as fun suggestions and really guides you toward developing your own style, rather than imparting a rigid concept of what is 'correct.' Cannot recommend her more highly!"
- iO student

Improvising from a Place of Power

with Irene Marquette (iO, Annoyance, Girlboss on Netflix)

Focus on empowering and going hard with softer styles of play and using your perspective/experiences in any scenic situation.

Gut & Instinct - Move First, Think Second

with Jo Scott (Annoyance Theatre, iO, SC TourCo)

Trouble with initiating, stuck on the back line, too much exposition? Gut & Instinct works on moving first and thinking second. Specifically working on pulling ideas from how you feel, not what you think.
“Jo is a very active and engaged teacher who encourages safe and brave play while maintaining a system of blunt and specific feedback.”
- Annoyance student

Responding Directly and Truthfully

with Amber Walker (Second City, iO, Annoyance Theatre)

Join Amber in this workshop focused on hearing and directly responding to scene partners. Using classic acting techniques, you’ll learn how to become the character you are playing and respond. You don't have to work so hard to create a funny and engaging piece--mind-blowing scenes are in you! All you have to do is listen and engage!

Shut up and DO something! / Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Physical Presence and Playfulness

with Mary Cait Walthall (iO, Annoyance, London International School of Performing Arts)

Shut up and DO something!
Interested in learning about using physicality in improv? Want to know what to do when you're stuck in your head? This workshop is all about body awareness and nonverbal communication. We will explore: - physical presence - character creation through action - nonverbal scenes - realistic and heightened physical play.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Physical Presence and Playfulness
Mary Cait helps you get out of your head and find out what your body has been saying while your mouth thinks it's doing all the talking. Find insight on what your own personal stage presence is, and practice responding physically to what is happening in a scene. For all levels of improv and physical ability. Wear comfortable, movable clothes! (Maximum 10 students)
“Clearly an expert in the field of not only improvisation but also physicality, Mary Cait navigated the class effortlessly through a range of engaging, interesting and informative activities that, personally, has expanded my knowledge base about the form of improvisation exponentially. She was also very personable and made the class feel at ease throughout the lessons.”
- iO student